Rugby Development

The redevelopment of The Greenyards will bring the Melrose playing community back to the core of the Club allowing the progression of the positive coaching ethos from the highly qualified coaches at Melrose to work through the squads of all ages and genders. The enhanced environment with access to the necessary support of fitness and wellness staff, who may also work with the community, will help develop the players’ life skills as well as their sporting ambitions.

Community Sevens

In response to the growth of Sevens as a spectator sport and the demands of the modern lifestyle, the redevelopment, in partnership with Scottish Rugby, can also give access to a wider cross-section of the community outside of core hours. This would allow participation in Sevens as a high intensity activity combined with benefit of the social aspects of playing in a team without the pressures of the elite competition environment. The aim of this is to build activity levels, developing a cross-generational inclusive support base to the rugby community.

Community Development

Working with our new community partners we will provide the facilities and environment to enable them to grow and flourish with in their own organisations. Bringing all ages through our doors for community based activity or through use of the gym will strengthen our place in our community and help our community enjoy the new surroundings which will soon become the focal community hub for our community and surrounding villages. We want to be a club responding to all community needs. Whether it is afterschool clubs, pensioner’s afternoons or avenue for the book festival through our new structure and facilities we can cater for all occasions.

Melrose Sevens Tournament

Melrose Rugby has recognised the fact that there are increasing pressures on the Sevens tournament as it is currently configured, and that the mounting costs of holding the tournament means that the newly formed Board of Melrose Rugby and the Sevens Committee needs to look at the opportunities for adding value to the tournament experience for both players and spectators. The challenge will be to take through to a new era without losing the special place in the world of rugby that is the Melrose Sevens. The Board will look to broadening any enhanced tournament to fellow clubs in the Scottish Borders and beyond if the model can be proved to work.

Sporting Tourism

Melrose is visited by sporting tourist from throughout the world, throughout the year as they visit the current building with the memorabilia from the early days of Ned Haig and the Founders of Rugby Sevens. Since 1883, the history of Sevens can be mapped, as famous players from every era have come to the Greenyards to play in the Melrose Tournament. Within the new setting this history will be interpreted in a far more accessible and dynamic environment, enabling the current age of rugby fans and particularly the new generation of Sevens players and fans to learn and appreciate where this great game was invented and what the Greenyards means throughout the world


A key part of this development process has been to ensure that the Club has long term financial sustainability and grow its income base securing the community and the clubs future as a vital part of the economy in Melrose. The business model for the new development provides the opportunity for new income streams as it becomes a community business operating with an enhanced staffing compliment and a new Limited Company Board.

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