To enable Melrose Rugby to deliver this vison we are looking to range of partners and funding solutions to combine together to help us deliver our dream and write a new chapter for Melrose Rugby in the world Sevens history books.

If we do not act right now, we know as a Board we will face an uphill challenge in 5 years’ time, as we will not provide fit for purpose adequate facilities for the game or for our community.

Be Ambitious

We need to take responsibility for our Club and community and use our unique position to secure our future.

We need to raise between £5-6 million to bring our vision to reality.

Work Hard

We are ambitious, we do not deny this, that is who we are and always have been, a small town fighting above its weight for many years in Scottish Rugby.

We know our reputation; we have had the greats of rugby from around the world play at our Sevens Tournament. We are unique in that, we want to take next step and lead Scottish rugby in bringing Sevens to our communities and our schools, creating a pathway from fun Sevens to international Sevens being played at the Greenyards. We can only achieve this through new facilities.

Succeeding Together

We know that to deliver this will not happen overnight, but if we do not try in this year of Seven’s being played in the Olympics for the first time we have let Ned Haig down. He rose to a challenge and delivered a new game to our pitches - one which is now recognised the world over in small communities across the world not just in major stadiums - we want to respect this and ensure we keep Melrose at the forefront of Sevens rugby for years to come by providing a facility capable of hosting many more tournaments but most of all provides community home for our players and wider community members alike.

We want to bring together our public sector partners – Scottish Borders Council, SRU, SFA sportscotland and Heritage Lottery alongside private sector partners who feel investing in our Club will provide a benefit and recognition to them either nationally or globally. We are committed to raising our own funds from within through loan funding and benefactors to ensure we all play our part in the future of Melrose.

Sustaining the Future

We currently pay substantial costs to operate and maintain our facilities at the Greenyards. This will get worse the longer we stay in the current building. We are not fit for purpose for community requirements. Our members do not have weekly matches to watch at the Greenyards so therefore do not patronise the club facilities as much as they would like to.

By bringing everyone home to a new environment, built efficiently and well managed, we know the future is far more sustainable and attractive to members and community users as well as our partner sponsors.

The business model for the future of the Greenyards, shows a positive healthy future for our club.

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