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Bit of a rant

03 Sep 2018

The performance may have still been slightly short of where we were last year but we can’t complain about the result. Scoring 40 pts at Hawick can’t be bad. We suffered a few injuries, but hopefully they will recover soon. It will be a tough season as we continue to allow some young players to mature and develop but it will also be  exciting to see them progress as we get into the teeth of the season

The Storm and Wasps both won so a great weekend for the Club.

I have had to listen to so much nonsense over the last few weeks/months about how we have and will “hoover “up players from local clubs it really is  lets say "annoying". People being mistaken I accept, it once happened to me  but seriously the fact they haven’t  even looked at the matter accurately  really does my head in.

Some of the side-line comments at Hawick were as they always are “Aye your lot will need a passport to get hame the night “Really? So perhaps it’s now time to answer our critics with some facts. Yes we do our job and recruit some of the most ambitious players as that’s the role of a top club—to facilitate those who want to play at the highest level they can and that’s the right thing to have done for Scottish Rugby. Look at the Scottish 7s squad—Ali Miller, Ross McCann, Nye Godsmark, Sam Pequeuer , Craig Jackson at the recent World Cup and of Course coached by big JD.. Then there’s Lewis Carmichael, George Taylor and Jason Baggott at Edinburgh and Bhatti at Glasgow, . That’s whats called filling a role within Scottish Rugby to play a part  in allowing players to be as good as they can be—so job done.

In addition 12 of Saturdays squad played u18s rugby for us, “Aye but then theres the Gala lad  Fraser  Thomson” well he has been at the club for 9 years and scored 115 tries  and bleeds black and yellow. Grant Sheills is a local lad who has resettled in the area after a good professional career, James Head has been here so long we can almost understand what’s he is saying.  I could go on and on,  actually Ian Sim is the only player we have recruited locally this season.  Do the same people even ask where the players in our city rivals come from –no   do they question the sideways and downwards movement of players between other Local CLUBS—NO..” Its just they Melrose bas---ds” The bas---ds bit fine  but Melrose  is just  factually incorrect.


If you think over say the last 10 years of players who have joined us from other local clubs and compare it to what’s said about us—I am beginning to think we live in a parallel universe to most folk

Selkirk—I can’t recall any.. Peebles , YEP the try Scoring machine Cal Anderson who is now back at his club passing on his experience. Jed ,remember Gary Elder and  then Andrew Nagle and they now have a couple Melrose lads who enjoy their Rugby at Riverside as indeed I did many moons ago.

Hawick—a couple over the years who after a while returned to their club. Gala, Fras ? enough said there.  There are also a few others who have gone back and forwards as was their wish, I could rant on, but honestly let’s start looking at this from a realistic point of view. The vast majority of players in the Borders who move don’t come to us they go between the other local clubs as indeed they have every right to do.. But please be balanced in the argument

Super 6 is a hot topic and that’s understandable as it’s such a huge change. Melrose has had a dual purpose for the last 20 years .1 to bring our own talent through 2. Cater for the best young players who want to move up the ladder, and we have a great track record for doing that. Now this role is clearly defined with the Super 6 franchise being designed to cater for the best and only the best young players in the area. It will be their opportunity to play at the highest level below professionalism—so that shouldn’t be an issue as all clubs and "rugby folk" will want what’s best for individual players who have pro ambitions which  in real terms is very the minority of those playing

The Melrose Club XV can then take a deep breath as its sole purpose will be to allow the players we produce to represent the town on an amateur basis. It would serve no purpose for it to be filled with players from other clubs. Will there be some who choose to join us as they are not happy where they are—possibly just as some will leave us if they feel   they can do better elsewhere.. And if you need proof please  just look at the facts,  we haven’t done it for years we havent done it this year after losing 10 players and we won’t be doing it after Super 6 It will only be the very best who are offered the S6  opportunity, some will no doubt turn it down others will  do as they do at the moment and take the chance. Most will be left to play for their club Xv   and that’s the good part of the request for amateurism and that’s what we want our Club xv to be.

We want Borders Rugby to be strong and we want to be part of that . The so called “advantage “ or expertise Super 6 may bring to the Greenyards must be shared and  we will have a duty to ensure the pathway for the best young players is clear but importantly we say openly and clearly that those not in Super 6 will not be encouraged to join Melrose and if they are playing amateur rugby  and happy they should continue to play for their club. 


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