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19 Mar 2018

It’s a shame we had to play Hawick with a dozen or so missing but we can’t control the weather and sometime the rules the clubs make up preseason just don’t add up when games go to stand by dates. For those who don’t know it’s not the SRU who decide there's no dispensation for Club International call ups it’s the Clubs themselves.

Congratulations to all the players and Head Coach Rob Chrystie for their Club International success, it was a good game to watch and a great result for all concerned. It’s just a pity the SRU seemed to forget to advertise the fact it was at Gala and didn’t think to say what clubs the players represented in their wee team sheet. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, if we look at the new Grand Slam winners Ireland when they announce even their full International squad they list not only the Province but the home club as well.  That's called encouraging inclusion and a feel good factor but quite honestly it wouldn’t cross their minds up the road. It really bugs me--anyway enough said before i get into trouble--again

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Nyle Godsmark for making the squad for the Commonwealth Games and Hong Kong. Nyle has worked his socks off since joining us and fully deserves his place. He has suffered a few setbacks and disappointments over the last couple of seasons but his determination to keep working hard has paid dividends. He will be a miss for us if we continue our season but it’s for the best of reasons.. Representing his Country  Melrose and Lilliesleaf---- Go get a medal Nyle!

Right well here we go again, huge game and a very tough one. We will need to be at our best to reach another playoff final. Previous form is irrelevant it’s all down to a performance on the day. Playoffs are a love or hate thing with most probably on the “me no likely “ rant in the bar side and understandably so. But they exist so we look forward to a big occasion with a big crowd please for what I think will be a humdinger of a game

Remember it’s a split gate so get to the hole in the wall and be good for the rest of the week to make sure you’re allowed out.


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