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30 Jun 2017

Believe it or not training begins again on Tuesday, the boys dont really get much of a break these days do they. We have been given a strange start to the season with 4 homes games in September due to Watsonians not having their pitch available until mid September , as a result the first game against them is switched to The Greenyards. 

It looks like we will have a fairly settled looking squad with minimal changes which hopefully is a positive factor  as we look to continue the development of our good young players.

Hopefully you will have noticed our Crowdfunding campaign  for the new pitch and lights has started. I would urge you all to please look on the website and give some thought to supporting the initiative. Some individuals have chosen to donate directly to the club and they will receive the same benefits as those who contribute to the website.

Change is never easy as quite often the reasons for change are not fully understood nor possibly fully explained. We will soon be the only Senior Rugby club that doesnt have access to a 3g pitch in its own town, we are already the only one without floodlights.. A 3G pitch would transform the way the club operates  both as a rugby club and as the senior sporting club in the area. It would enhance the delivery of sport  to the youth of the area both for rugby and football, many of the kids play both and to be able to accommodate most requirements within one area would be a huge leap forward for our sporting community.

Some worry about losing our identity , for me it would enhance our identity by making the club a centre of activity. Would it bring challenges to the management of the club, of course but no more than any individual or business that wants to improve. The World waits for no man- change  should not be a factor in being negative we must do our best to see if we can make this happen.--However no matter how good our intentions may be it needs to be supported by those who would benefit--the community. The club already delivers through Rob Chrystie and Craig Jackson a M.A.D. course in conjunction with Edinburgh college . The Melrose Athlete Development course is a Body awareness and movement course for kids from rugby, football, hockey,mountain biking , tennis,, girls  and boys  you name it. Its our duty as the Senior Club to do as much as possible to introduce our youths to sport and to accommodate those who want to be as good as they can possibly be.

Also In rugby terms i would love to see a quality game under lights on a Friday night, I would love to see a proper Vets, Youth, or Womans Tournament on the Greenyards on the Friday before the Sevens. I would love to see a dry  pitch full of kids on a Saturday morning playing football and to have the buzz on a Sunday of our Youth tournaments on the big pitch, . How good would it be to have their parents enjoy the hospitality of our Clubrooms. At the moment up to 300 kids can be out in the mud  spread around the outer pitches, no shelter, parents just coming back to pick them up-- how much more would people feel part of the club if they were actually under its roof , warm with coffee in hand and having  a chat. 

In most instances a project for a 3g pitch can take at least 5yrs sometimes longer  from the thought process to actually being in use. To have gone through the  research processes , to have the initiative at planning  and to have started the fundraising in around 15 months has been a revelation. NOW THE HARD BIT BEGINS can we  the community put the money where our mouths are--time will tell

please have a look, encourage your friends and relations to take part and feel free to contact me at any time should you wish to ask questions about the project. 


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