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03 Apr 2018

Well after a long hard season it crunch time. Once again we are in both Finals which in itself is a remarkable achievement , so well done to all the players and Coaches  especially wee Bobby(Rob Chrystie) , he has worked so hard to reach this point . This Saturday will be tough , as indeed it should be at this stage. It hard enough winning the league once a season but to do it twice is a big ask and one I realise you don’t all like having to do. From a players point of view they just love to be involved in big games and they don’t  get bigger than this. From their perspective  it just can't come quick enough.  

There's no point in avoiding the fact it’s a bit of a grudge match, they don’t fear us and we don't we fear them.  Ayr are our closet rivals and have been for a while with equal success . so we respect that.  Rugby is also  an entertainment so let's hope both teams set out to ensure it’s one worthy of  a BT Premiership Final.


The Wasps showed great attitude to win Peebles Colts Sevens on Sunday by defeating Hawick PSA in extra time so well done everybody

We reached the semi final at Gala Sevens which gains us a welcome 5 pts in the Kings of the Sevens, The young players worked their socks off with young Mr Campbell catching the eye through a very industrious and athletic days work


So  if you can please down tools this Saturday and come support the boys as every voice counts and just remember these days should be look upon as being very special occasions. The majority of clubs and supporters will never or will rarely be in the position of having the chance to win the Scottish Premiership title . The two clubs involved this week have an  outstandingly consistent record of success in the modern era. That perhaps fools some of us into believing it’s the norm--I can assure you it's far from it.  To put it into perspective we have been around  since 1877 so if my arithmetic is right that’s 141 years so 51.499 days(inc 34 leap years) That’s a lot of days so yep Saturday is already a very special occasion the likes of which many of our predecessors may not have experienced . Can we make it a memorable one


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