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Itys been a good season so far

17 Dec 2017

It was a really interesting experience playing at Scotstoun and we would like to thank Hawks and the Warriors for all their efforts in making sure the game was played.

We end the year with 60pts from 12 games, that’s quite an achievement and testament to the depth of the squad and the attitude within it. It’s the strongest group of players we have seen in many a year and they genuinely enjoy each other's company which is so important.  It's vital that we make the most of moments like this as they don’t came around too often and  sport being sport  the momentum can change so quickly. (i am watching Hearts 4 v Celtic 0) so Let's take this part of the season for what it's been, bank it as having been enjoyable and let's see if we can turn it into a memory.

The next two games have their own importance as young players will get a chance to play in what are still big games. Selkirk are having a good season and are always tough to beat. With the pensioners party and Christmas lunch on Saturday it should be a busy day and a game to enjoy. Boxing Day is a great excuse to get out after Christmas and there's no better way to get the Christmas pud out of the system than a game against Gala. Forget about current fortunes this will be a blood and thunder game, a huge test for our youngsters and one they will need to be ready for. We have decided only to charge £5 entry to non members(u18's free) so hopefully we will get a good crowd and enjoy each other's company.


2018 will be one of the most important in the Clubs history as we make decisions on the Super 6. The application for declaring a note of interest comes out this week and it's no surprise to say we will consider the matter carefully .  As part of that process we will call a members meeting in January where we will do our best to advise of the pro and cons.  Change is a very difficult thing to get agreement on as people in general  don’t like it , but that in itself is not a good reason for not considering it. We appear to be seen publically as a leader of this change, but we are not, we were simply a leader in stating the view  that  the Union had to stop blaming the clubs for a lack of vision when in reality its they that must state their intention and their stance towards bridging the gap to our pro teams. . The overriding fact is that we cannot play games with the heritage of our club, its future and its financial safety is not negotiable and not ours as individuals to risk. At the moment there are many questions to be asked, many discussions to have and a lot a water to pass under the bridge before a final decision can be taken.


Hopefully we will see you over the Festive period , if not have a very good Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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