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round 2

11 Sep 2017

Saturday was a good day at the office with three outstanding results from our Prem XV, Storm and Wasps. Its certainly been an exciting start to the season with tries galore  in our first two league games. With 4 home games in the first 5 weeks  its important that we begin the season well , so no complaints after 2 rounds. We now head back to our friends at Ayr  and they will be smarting, they hate losing, they hate losing at home  even more and they will be determined that it doesn't happen twice  in a row. So be prepared for a backlash  with the full artillery sitting in wait for us. They are a positive club and a win against us would be the best way to silence any critics. So be prepared for a very warm reception and what should be an absolute thriller.  

I believe a few of our supporters are heading through  for a quiet night out on Friday to celebrate Mr Bleasdale's retirement from work. Firstly Coxy is going so it wont be quiet  and secondly Blue's is still adjusting to the pension so  drinks are on Mr Helps--quiet?--game starts 3pm boys dont be late. I was asked but the wife declined on my behalf.. 

We cant ignore the one factor of last weeks game that in my personal opinion just wasn't right . the return of Lewis Carmichael to the Greenyards. As expected Lewis was  absolutely outstanding  with a very professional attitude that showed he is a very classy young man and will go along way. From the moment the lanky streak walked through our doors aged 19  , straight from training with Accies 3rds he has embedded himself into Melrose Rugby and given his all.  If Scottish rugby truly wants to engage supporters, if Scottish Rugby believes kids should  have heroes  as they grow into the game , why oh why are players like Lewis not allowed to come back to the club they thank for helping them on their personal journey. Surely when they need game time its best they are within an environment they enjoy. For me anyone who thinks that's not important to the player to  the club to supporters  to kids  and  therefore Scottish Rugby needs to have a long look in the mirror.  




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