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29 Apr 2018

Yesterday was a different experience for me watching from a far but being able to watch it live on YouTube was a wee What can you say really , job well done and in the end an emphatic display to win only our second double with the last being in 97, a 21 year gap. A very special day for  Robert ,all the coaches  , back room staff and everyone single person involved at the club including supporters


We have been at the top of our game this season, in fact  lets be honest for some time now. That doesn’t happen by chance its by planning and a hell of a lot of hard work , frustration  and sometimes anger .

It's ironic  that we set out to plan our future when the squad who won the previous double departed to profession rugby in the late nineties. We have always believed that at some point club rugby would change and if  and when it did we wanted to be best placed to be part of it. So where are we on the eve of Super 6 being announced.


We are League Champions and Cup winners, the Storm are league Champions and yesterday  a group of very young players did the club proud to reach the final at Langholm Sevens. The Wasps who mix and train with the senior players are in a good place.  The club is strong at age level with the 16s having had a good season  and we work well with the school. The Youth section is well organised and healthy. All thanks to the many people involved at all levels both on and off the field, not just this season but over the many years that  the club has sought to improve itself



However  at this time of change we can do no more we have done our bit  we are officially  the best Club in Scotland . 


Will we be a Super 6 Club come Tuesday ,only time will tell. What I can definitely say is that next season will be one of the most testing in our History. We will  have one more season as  normal to prepare for Super 6 and the unknowns of that plus run a National League team OR we will be fully amateur with many of our players being taken elsewhere to another franchise. The only answer I do have is whatever lies ahead we will deal with it, we couldn’t tell the future 21 years ago and we can't now. We can only worry about ourselves, we can only look to make good decisions relevant to what's happening around us


Can we improve the way we do things , absolutely, do we need more volunteers and expertise, without a doubt. Regardless of personal views regardless of what individuals think is right or wrong about Rugby or the decisions we have taken to this point,  this is about dealing with the future and reality. It’s a  time for all who  care about the club to play their part be it supporter or Coach or volunteer , we must pull in the same direction. Rightly or wrongly we will find out what direction that will be in a couple of days time.

In the meantime bask in the success of our club for a couple of days and enjoy a very special time. You never know the likes may never be seen again.


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