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Thanks to all

23 Apr 2017


Many thanks to everyone who made their way to Murrayfield  for the BT Cup Final. Having now been to 6 in the last 9 years losing another would have been very difficult especially after last week. To say it was nerve racking would be a gross understatement  but the determination and the quality of our defense was something to behold and to  be very proud of.. 

By any standards its been an outstanding season,  with onLy 3 narrow defeats over both the league and cup campaigns. The players have worked so hard and for me there were two very important pieces in the jigsaw of what makes us tick during yesterdays event. Sam Pequeur had been ill on Thursday and Friday but understandably was absolutely desperate to play . He tried to warm up but simply couldnt. He made no fuss he simply whispered in Roberts ear that he felt he was going to pass out . Sam then quietly went to the touchline and was disconsolate for in his mind having let his team mates down. Nothing could be further from the truth , many a player would have taken the field in the hope they would have been ok, some would have turned it into a drama. Sam as always did the right thing he was honest, he was strong and he made the right decision for his team. perhaps the most important and bravest decision of the day. In his absence 19 yr old Patrick Anderson took the NO 11 jersey and was outstanding. After a difficult season with niggling injuries and not being deemed fit enough by the Academy to regularly train or play he has simply been a revelation in the last 3 weeks. He has grabbed the chances offered by the  club and could well be a wee star of the future . You only had to witness his tackle on a rampaging Ayr prop to see this lad is, if given the opportunity, the real deal

We had a great night at the club  with great support  so ideally it would  now be time to let the boys take a wee breather. However we have the Border League Final on Wednesday and for obvious reasons the boys are really looking forward to it.

I hope you have enjoyed the way the Coaches  have approached their first year in charge, its been very enjoyable  very  rewarding and with a wee bit of every emotion possible thrown in for good measure

I cant forget to mention how well the young lads have done to take us into second place in the Kings of The Sevens table. With 4 tournaments to go we could still get in the mix, but that would be a bonus-the boys have already done their job--and more

Im off to Spain today so on behalf of the players .coaches. club  thanks again---next stop  you you lot ---Kelso--7.30 V GALA--im off to have a cool beer IN THE SUN



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