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What an end to the season

03 Apr 2017

If someone had said to me that we would have won two semi finals at the Greenyards in the two weeks leading up to our Sevens followed by 3 finals in  11 days , i would have thought and probably would have said that they were bonkers absolutely bonkers. Well that's exactly where we find ourselves. BT Premiership Final at the Greenyards on the 15th 3pm ko---22nd April Murrayfield BT Finals Day 3.30pm and Wed 26th Bookers  The Border League final at Kelso.

Thats a remarkable feat no matter the outcomes. We should therefor take a minute or so to congratulate the players and Coaches before very quicky  reminding ourselves that as yet we have won absolutely didly squat so lets not get carried away.. Having come this far there's  no hiding from the fact that we all want to turn effort into silverware whilst remembering that sport just loves to kick you in the n--ts .  Ayr have exactly the same ambitions as ourselves  rightly they believe in themselves and will relish the double header thats about to take place

Its going to be some 3 weeks  and no matter your personal views on playoffs its a chance for the Premiership and both Clubs to put on a great show. There's no guarantee we will ever have a run of games like this again so i urge you to give us that same little bit of  extra effort that we will ask of the players and give us the  best support you can possibly muster

In the meantime Its Sevens week , a time for some relaxing rugby entertainment  with no pressures at all---aye right!----if your working on the day thank you very much if not mines a pint of lager tops please but not before 7pm.


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