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Tour of Sufferlandria

09 Jan 2018

Our local cycling club, Velo Eildon, are participating in the Tour of Sufferlandria,  a gruelling 9 day 'virtual' cycling tour in aide of the Doddie Weir Trust. The Tour takes the form of 9 consecutive daily stages on static cycling trainers with stages lasting between an hour and up to as much as 3 hours, utilising cycling training videos from The Sufferfest.  A number of stages will be taking place in the hall at the Greenyards, anyone who wants to join in (even for a part of it) or wishes to pop in and make a donation would be most welcome. If you wish to take part all you need is a bike and a turbo trainer and a willingness to suffer for a great cause! They will be in the hall on the following times:


Saturday 3rd Feb: 9am to 12noon

Sunday 4th Feb: 1pm to 3pm

Monday 5th Feb: 7pm to 830pm

Wednesday 7th Feb: 7pm to 830pm

Friday 9th Feb: 7pm to 830pm

Saturday 10th Feb: 9am to 1230pm

Sunday 11th Feb: 9am to 1230pm



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