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Goodbye from me........

13 Aug 2017

It’s almost the start of the new season, and this is my last blog as president of Melrose Rugby Club, as we head into the AGM on Monday, and then into the start of the new season, although I shall still be involved on the board.


There has been a lot of change over the last couple of seasons, and perhaps just in time with the announcement from the SRU on restructuring club rugby. What the club needs now is to sort out the day to day running and fundraising activities, as we can see that the players are doing their job on the pitch, but there is a lot of support needed to help them further their ambitions. 


What has been apparent over the years I've served on committee at the club is the constant raising of expectations from the public in this 24/7 leisure and information era and the diminishing amount of people able to give freely of their time. This past season has shown the need for more resource in the supporting roles, as key people have been lost and too few have been found to replace them. I hope the new impetus that may come from the new league set-up will allow the club game to flourish once more.


I would like to thank all those that have supported me in my time as president and I wish Douglas Hardie all the best in enjoying the role as much as I have in these exciting times for the club.


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