President's Message

The Finals Chapter Acts 2 & 3

25 Apr 2017

So the trews have it! Whatever it may be. It was probably just as well we won on Saturday, otherwise I would have worried the trews were distracting the team far less the Princess Royal. 

It was great to see so many turn out to support the team, from the gathering at The Greenyards in the morning through the day at BT Murrayfield and once again at night when the boys were piped in to the clubhouse. There is a connection there again with the support and the youth section where the feeling of one club is noticeable. Even the next day at the Drummond Cup the team came and watched some of the tournament along with Rob Chrystie. You may have caught Rob, Craig and Grant on the Border Lookaround programme on Monday night. It’s been a busy time!

I have to give a lot of credit to Ciaran Hogg and Alec Clarke for managing their respective teams through to the semi-finals of their sevens tournaments at Selkirk and Langholm. Ciaran then had the task of organising the Drummond Cup, and he even managed some great weather. The U16s managed their way to the final but came up against an impressive Hawick side to come runners-up at the end of the day. A huge thank you for all the parents and volunteers that helped out on the day is needed, and also to Gordon Chisholm for adding his dulcet tones to the proceedings.

We are now turning our attention to the final of the Bookers Border League against Gala, which takes place on Wednesday 26th April at Poynder Park with a 7.30pm kick-off before a double header weekend of sevens at Kelso and Earlston respectively. Enjoy!

Trevor Jackson

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