Registering your Child with Scottish Rugby

Scottish Rugby is now using a new player registration system called SCRUMS.

SCRUMS has been developed to provide a modern, integrated set-up to record member information for those involved with rugby in Scotland, including youth players (under the age of 18).
Scottish Rugby now require a parent (or guardian) of any youth player aged 8 or above, to follow the steps below to confirm their child’s registration with Scottish Rugby.

If a player has previously been registered with Scottish Rugby then they must still register with SCRUMS to activate their record since this is a new management system.  

This is so that a parent or guardian can accept the SCRUMS Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on behalf of their child. Thereafter, Scottish Rugby may also wish to communicate with parents on important issues relevant to their child’s participation in the game, for example safety initiatives.


For further information on Scottish Rugby's new management system read the Parents Letter below. To register your child please click HERE and follow the Guide for Parents document below:

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